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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 7: Surrender's Sweet Delights

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The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Seven: Illusory Passion
Chapter Seven: Surrender's Sweet Delights
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Sophia ? The Mirage Garden

Fear stiffened my spine despite the fact a beautiful, dusky-sinned Jinn kissed me hard, her tongue probing my lips. I had never been so scared while a woman kissed me, her naked, lush body pressed against mine. She was so warm and sensual. Her hands stroked me as the steam from the water around my feet rose about us. Strange, heady scents filled the air. Her kiss grew hotter, her hands reaching around to grasp my ass, pulling me tight against her.

Saphique, she was heavenly. So soft and delicious. I wanted to let go of my fear. To surrenderer to her, but I couldn't. This was a mistake. I shouldn't be here in the Mirage Garden. Angela was supposed to be the offering.

Not me and Xandra.

I couldn't be part of the efreet's harem. Not a man's harem. I had sworn myself to Saphique. No male, regardless of race, could ever touch me in a sexual way or I would break my vow and lose my powers. I could not be one of his women. This was impossible. I had to get out of here.

Despite how much I wanted to stay.

Her sapphire eyes floated before me. They begged for my surrender. To give in. Beside me, an ebony-skinned, Halanian beauty kissed pale-skinned Xandra. The avian also struggled. She was married to Chaun, an oath she took seriously. She had sworn it to her God, Luben, like I had sworn to my Goddess.

I shivered. Did I owe Xandra an apology for seducing her back at Black Glass Aerie? She had resisted at first, but then surrendered. I thought she enjoyed herself, but did she feel guilty about it afterward? Avians were supposedly monogamous to a fault. I just thought that was ridiculous, that vows to Luben weren't important. I was just so...selfish, eager to make love to the beautiful, delicate creature. I had lied to her, telling her it wouldn't really break her marriage vow to Luben. I just didn't care if that was the truth.

I was so horny. Like right now, lips locked to the dusky jinn.

I broke the kiss. My lips tingled. A heady rush went through me. I just wanted to fuck the sexy creature kissing me, my guilt banishing before the tide of lusts. I found myself gasping, panting. It was so warm in the room. My eyes fluttered as I struggled to gather my thoughts. Her touch was fire as her fingers slid up my spine, her nipples so hard against mine. I had to be strong. For my Goddess. For my Queen.

Angela would rescue me. Us.

?What?? purred the jinn.

?This isn't right,? I gasped.

?What isn't? We're celebrating. You and the other are the newest member Riad's harem. You are here to serve our Lord and Husband. And when he doesn't need to be served, why, we serve each other... What is your name??

?Sophia, and I'm??

?Fawziya,? the jinn said. ?It is a pleasure to meet you.?

?Yes, it is a pleasure,? a second jinn said, her eyes emerald. So deep, like twin pools beneath a verdant canopy. She came up behind me. ?Greetings, Sophia. I am Nida.?

Her round breasts pressed into my back, nipples hard. So hard. She rubbed a wet, hot cunt against my ass. Another set of hands stroked fire across my skin. Two beauties sandwiched me with silky flesh, their bodies undulating. Nida's sweet lips nibbled at my shoulder.

I had to fight. I had to be strong. I couldn't surrender to this. I couldn't give in.

?This is wrong. Let me go. I don't belong here.?

?You were offered,? Nida moaned. ?Riad traded for you. One of his women for you and your lover's beauty.?

?You were naked in the sands. You spilled your juices. An offering...? Fawziya purred. ?Unless your friends can enter the Mirage Garden and win you back.?

?My Queen will,? I moaned, struggling to think.

?But Riad left Saniyya,? laughed Nida. ?None can dominate her. Riad barely controls her. Your friends will never enter. You are his. Forever.?

I shuddered as their lips kissed me, their hands stroked me. I had to fight this. I couldn't be Riad's. I struggled, weakly, to escape their embrace. But their bodies were too sensual, their touch too stirring, their lips too intoxicating.

?Mmm, you are delicious, Sophia,? Fawziya purred. ?Riad will love you. He wants to hear you gasp and moan.?

I shook my head?it grew harder to do. I wanted to surrender. ?No, no. I belong to Saphique. To my Queen.?

?There are no queens or gods here,? Fawziya laughed. ?This is the Mirage Garden. Nothing here is real. Maybe not even you. How do you even know if I'm real? All of this...? Her hands waved around her. ?...is a wish. Ephemeral. If you think too hard, it will burst.?

?Good,? I moaned, shuddering as her hands slid up and her thumbs brushed the sides of my breasts. My nipples ached. ?I want to wake up from it.?

?But you haven't sampled all the sweet delights of Riad's harem,? Nida pouted from behind, her hands reaching between Fawziya and myself, sliding down my stomach to my pudenda. ?And I am soooo sweet.?

She nuzzled at my neck, her tongue licking. I shivered. My skin tingled at the touch of her lips. A woozy wave passed over me. My eyes fluttered. This couldn't be happening. I had to control myself.

But that ache between my thighs...

That sweet ache. It had to be satiated. I squirmed. Fawziya's lips nuzzled on the other side of my neck as Nida's hand slid lower. Her fingers reached the top of my pussy lips, pushing into my folds and brushing my clit.

I groaned. Pleasure rippled through my pussy as Nida's finger rubbed my clit. Fire burned in my nethers. Her touched stoked it, a billow pumping, fanning my ardor. My head leaned back, their lips sucking, nibbling, kissing my neck. So sweet. The fires demanded my surrender.

?Just a dream,? Fawziya moaned between kisses. ?Illusion. Relax. Enjoy.?

?Dream,? Sophia murmured.

The hands guided me to the ground. The water I stood in melted away into soft pillows. Incense burned around us, the air foggy with a purple haze. The pillows were soft as the two jinn pressed their bodies against me. Hot flesh and cool silk.

My head turn, meeting Nida's in a hot kiss. Our tongues danced as their hands stroked my belly. Fingers slid up and brushed the bottoms of my breasts or darted down to rub at the hot flesh around my slit. My hands reached out, brushing their silky skin. They smelled of jasmine and sandalwood. I moaned into Nida's mouth.

Fawziya's lips nibbled at my ear. Her tongue danced across the lobe as one of the jinn's hands, maybe Fawziya's, cupped my small breast. A thumb slid across my flesh, brushing my hard nipple. She stroked it, stimulated it. Such absolute delight. The other jinn's hand brushed across my pussy and grazed my clit.

I moaned into Nida's kiss, squirming. She tasted so sweet.

?That's it, little slut,? Fawziya purred into my ear. ?Relax. Enjoy. Savor the dream.?

I whimpered as the finger rubbed circles across my clit and the thumb massaged my nipple. Fawziya nipped my ear, tugging, drawing my attention. I turned my head to her smiling face, her sapphire eyes glistening.

?You are a wild vixen,? I purred and kissed her hard.

The finger rubbing my clit circled faster, harder. I spasmed, my pussy clenching. Nida rolled onto her side, grinding hot cunt on my hip as her pillowy tits pressed against my side. Her nipples so hard. My hand slid down and pushed between her thighs. I rubbed her pussy. She moaned as my fingers slid across her dripping pussy.

Her whimpers were the sweetest thing in the world. She moaned into my ear as my fingers danced across her clit. My tongue fenced with Fawziya's as the jinn rubbing my nipple seized it between thumb and forefinger, rolling hard.

?Mmm, your nipples are so hard. I bet they are succulent to suck on, slut,? moaned Nida. She licked my ear. ?I want to find out.?

I moaned into Fawziya's kiss and rubbed harder on Nida's clit, giving her all the encouragement she needed. She bent over, dark-brown hair caressing my cheek and shoulder before her hot, wet lips engulfed my nipple.

She sucked hard.

I broke the kiss with Fawziya to moan my enjoyment. Nida's lips popped and smacked as she suckled, her tongue batting my nipple. I breathed in deeply, savoring the heady incense drifting through the room.

And a naughty idea popped into my head.

I concentrated for a moment and lactated.

Nida sucked. My nipple ached as the milk squirted into her mouth. The jinn let out a purring moan, her emerald eyes widening then flicked up to me. I gave her a naughty wink as she suckled again, cheeks hollowing. I groaned, the fluttering delight shooting down to my aching clit rubbed by Fawziya's fingers.

Nida gave a third suckle, moaning her enjoyment. She writhed her hips, my fingers dancing across her clit and pussy lips, soaked by her juices. She popped her mouth off my nipple, lips pursed tight, and leaned across me. Fawziya, seeing the invitation, cocked her head and accepted the kiss.

The jinn kissed over my body. Fawziya let out a purring moan, her body shuddering as Nida pressed a milk-laden tongue into the other's mouth. The two jinn snowballed my milk back and forth, moaning, gasping, savoring my creamy treat.

?That's right,? I moaned. ?That's my creamy delight. Mmm, you two love it. And there is more where that came from.?

The jinn broke their kiss, Fawziya smacking her lips. ?Sophia, you are just full of surprises.? Her fingers slid down my pussy lips. Two thrust inside of my hot depths. ?Riad is going to love you. You'll be his favorite concubine.?

Through the fog of lust and heady incense, I knew there was something wrong with that statement. I just didn't know what. Riad... I shouldn't want to be his. I was...was...

Thoughts evaporated as two sexy jinn latched onto my nipples and suckled. I groaned, my pussy clenching on Fawziya's thrusting fingers. Both jinn nursed with a hungry passion. My fingers rubbed harder at Nida's pussy, my other hand sliding across Fawziya's dusky stomach, reaching between shaved thighs.

Finding hot cunt.

Both jinn moaned about my nipples as they nursed. Their passion buzzed through my body. I gasped and moaned, shuddering, my toes fluttering. I tossed my head from side to side. Every time they suckled, delight rippled down my body to my pussy, building the pleasure swelling in my core. Their cheeks hollowed. Both jinn feasted on my milk as we writhed on the bed.

My head tossed back and forth, my eyes fluttering. Every time I blinked, I saw a different ceiling. One moment blue sky and fluffy, white clouds then the next gauzy silk draped about us, a cocoon. A ceiling of gold leaf. A vaulted ceiling covered in a fresco of naked, writhing women loving each other while a crimson-skinned man watched with possessive delight.

I was in the fresco, two jinn on other side of me, writhing, undulating. Nearby to me in the fresco, a pale-skinned Xandra tribbed the ebony-skinned Halanian beauty, grinding their pussies together, legs scissored. It was so real. I could almost see movement across it.

Nida's fingers found my clit while Fawziya plunged a third finger into my dripping snatch. I kayseri escort bayan gasped, pleasure fluttering through me. The two jinn drank and drank my milk. It flowed out of my nipples.

?Sweet Saphique's snatch,? I moaned, back arching on the soft pillows. ?Yes, yes, yes. I...I...?

Their fingers rubbed and plunged harder. They stirred my pussy up and sparked fire off my clit. My pussy clenched. The pleasure built and built. My fingers rubbed at both their wet cunts, stroking them, savoring the sensual thrill of gliding my fingers across silky snatches. I bucked, moaned, while they nursed their fill. They drove me to higher and higher heights. My eyes squeezed shut and then shot open.

A sky burning with the sun's setting spun above me. Blink. Starry night, the moon a sickle. Blink. A canopy of trees providing cool shade, birds chirping.

I came.

My body convulsed as the pleasure exploded out of my depths. I gasped and moaned. They suckled hard, greedy for my milk as I spasmed between them. My pussy convulsed about Fawziya's fingers. Nida's rubbed harder and harder on my clit. Adding more and more pleasure to the explosions, triggering new ones. My body burst with bliss.

The world became a kaleidescope of colors and scenery. Everything whirled about me as I heaved and screamed wordless passion. The pleasure inundated my mind. I gasped, moaned. I never wanted to leave. I wanted to stay.

A part of the harem.

?That's it,? Fawziya purred before giving me a kiss sweetened by my creamy milk.

?Yes, yes, yes,? Nida moaned. ?Enjoy the pleasures of the dream. When nothing is real, everything is permitted. Every act allowed. Here, nothing is taboo or forbidden. Only giving pleasure to our Lord and Husband matters. To Riad.?

I broke the kiss, ?Riad,? I moaned. ?Yes, yes.?

?He's watching,? Fawziya moaned. She held up her hand and a curious object appeared, made of a flexible, metallic material I had never seen. It was long, like a snake, but both ends were shaped like a cock.

?What is that?? I moaned. ?A dildo? So long.?

?It's a fun toy,? Fawziya moaned. ?Something only possible in an illusion.?

?Would you like to play with it?? Nida moaned.

?Yes,? I gasped, my body shuddering, their fingers still teasing me. ?I would love to.?

?Good,? smiled Fawziya. She rolled onto her back, holding the toy in both hands, sliding it between her thighs. Her arms pressed into the sides of her large breasts, lifting them into a pair of inviting pillows.

I leaned over and sucked a dark-brown nipple into my mouth. My tongue stud pressed against the hard nub. Fawziya moaned in delight as she rubbed the flexible toy between her thighs. The long end flopped about. My pussy clenched, eager to fill that in me.

Nida's hands grasped my ass. The jinn moved behind me. She parted my butt-cheeks and licked at my asshole. I groaned as her tongue swirled about my sphincter. I sucked harder on Fawziya's nipple, my hands squeezing both jinn's pillowy mounds.

?Oh, yes,? Fawziya moaned as she pressed the tip of the dildo into her pussy. I couldn't see her sex, but I could see more and more of the dildo disappear into her. She arched her hip, shuddering as I worshiped her nipple. ?Now trib me, Sophia. Trib me and we'll fuck each other with both ends.?

A hot shudder went through me, partly Nida tonguing my ass and partly the hot thrill of Fawziya's idea. I popped my mouth off her nipple and groaned, ?Yes.?

Nida swirled her tongue a final time across my asshole then rolled back. Mist swirled pink in her hand and a black marble dildo, swirled with veins of white, appeared. It was polished so smooth, it looked so slick, like it would have no resistance plunging into a hole. The end was roughened, a handle to grip. She licked it as I moved to Fawziya.

?Going to fuck yourself?? I asked Nida as I slid on my side and scissored my legs with Fawziya. I watched Nida over my shoulder, my ass facing her, my sphincter still tingling from her tonguing.

She shook her head, her pink tongue swirling about the black tip, her emerald eyes burning with wicked intent. My asshole clenched as I grasped the end of the double-headed dildo. The metal was warm to the touch but flexible. It was no material I had ever handled.

I brought the entrance to my pussy and sank down it. I groaned as I worked my sex farther down the shaft. Fawziya's face contorted. She moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as I pushed it deeper into her cunt.

And then I bottomed out. Our pussies were almost touching, only an inch of the toy not in either of our sexes. I gripped her right leg, holding it between my small breasts. My tongue licked at her cute toes, my stud flicking across them, bringing a shuddering moan from her.

And then we fucked each other.

?Oh, gods, yes,? I gasped as our hips undulated. The dildo slid in and out of both our cunts. The pleasure rippled through us. ?Saphique's sweet kisses, yes.?

?Oh, Sophia,? moaned Fawziya, ?work that cute ass. Fuck me. Ram that dildo into me. Oh, yes, yes. Watch us, my Lord.?

?Watch us and your new whore,? moaned Nida as she moved behind me, rubbing the marble dildo into my flexing ass.

I groaned, fucking Fawziya harder and faster. It was amazing. The dildo moved between us. Sometimes her pussy clenched on it, holding it in place, and it worked in and out of me. And other times I fucked it in and out of her. It was wild. I licked and sucked at her toes as the pleasure increased in my burning pussy.

And naughty Nida's dildo slid between the cheeks of my ass.

She rammed it into my bowels. It was so slick, it had no problem pushing past my sphincter and burying into the depths of my asshole. I gasped, my bowels and pussy clenching on both toys as I spasmed, driving the other end of the metallic dildo in and out of Fawziya's pussy.

Nida kissed and nibbled at my neck as she slowly fucked the dildo in and out of my asshole. Every time she moved it made my hips twitch and undulate. I gasped and grunted, both my holes bursting with rapture. Friction sent pleasure rippling through me.

I breathed in the heady incense. The world spun around me. Gauzy curtains fell around us, pink and lavender, a world of private, intimate delight. My hips pumped, working both toys in and out of my holes.

?Yes, yes, yes, yes,? I hissed. ?Fuck me. Oh, you naughty jinn. Make me cum again and again. I love it.?

?And we love you,? moaned Nida.

?Riad loves you,? gasped Fawziya as she humped, her toes curling before my lips.


I sucked on her toe as she shuddered, her hips driving the dildo deeper into my cunt. I gasped, twitching, inundated with rapture beyond belief. My asshole clenched down on the plunging dildo. It reamed me. So deep. It slammed into me and made me twitch. Explode. I couldn't believe how wonderful it was.

Ecstasy spilled through me.

Absolute delight. I trembled and moaned. My holes writhed about both dildos as I sucked so hard on Fawziya's toes. She gasped, bucking into me, cumming, too. Nida sucked harder on my neck, ramming the dildo in and out of my asshole.

Orgasm after orgasm exploded through me. Ethereal delights beyond the pleasures of the waking world. Illusions danced before us. At one moment we were surrounded by dusky jinn and dark-skinned women writhing in sapphic embrace, the next a crimson-skinned man watched us, a woman kneeling before him, sucking his cock as he stroked her dark, silky hair. Then I heard Xandra gasping and moaning in orgasmic delight.

Riad's harem was pleasure. The Mirage Garden was ecstasy. Every time I breathed, I inhaled rapture. My pussy and asshole spasmed and convulsed about thrusting toys. My senses were overwhelmed.


Beautiful, pure ecstasy.

And the efreet watched. I came again.


Chaun ? The Halani Desert

?No, no, no,? I groaned, fear beating in my heart. I fell to my knees, clutching my wife's skirt and top from the desert sands. Then I pulled the pouch that held her shamanistic totems to my chest. ?She can't be taken.?

?She was,? Xera said. The elf picked up the brass lamp from the center of the melted patch of sand. A jinn was in there. We would have to enter the lamp and dominate her in order to gain entry into the Mirage Gardens to save Xandra.

?Give me the lamp,? I said, fear swirling through me. My wife couldn't be gone. I had to rescue her.

?After we've taken care of our friends.? Xera snagged Sophia's discarded white robe, pouches hanging from the belt. She opened the pouch up and breathed out relief. ?She has healing potions in here. I wasn't sure if she made more.?

?Potions?? I demanded. Those didn't matter tight now. ?The lamp. Give me the lamp.?

The elf's green eyes hardened. ?Angela is dying. Your wife will be fine. We will rescue her, but we must attend to our friends who need us first.?

I almost objected. I almost reached out and snagged the lamp from her, but she gave me a fierce look. Her body, covered in scratches and cuts, the blood drying as it streaked her naked flesh, transformed her into an indomitable presence. Something elemental, primal.

Something not to be trifled with.

?Yes, you're right,? I said. ?Forgive me.?

Xera nodded. Then she pulled out one of the milky potions, popped the cork, and downed it, gulping hungrily. The magic in the potion went to work on her skin. The myriad scratches from Farson's lamia sex slave vanished, leaving behind unblemished, pale-greenish skin. Only the streaks of blood gave proof to her injuries.

?Matar's cock, that is a relief,? Xera said and rose. ?Come, we must be as fleet as the wind.?

And then the elf took off in a run, clutching Sophia's robes and the lamp. I cursed and forced myself to my feet, hugging my wife's possessions as I raced after the elf. But she was fast. She ran across the sand. Her bare feet didn't sink into the soft sand like my shoes did, slowing me down. It was like she was too light to even disturb the surface. She disappeared through the camp.

Fear kept me running after. My wife taken. My precious songbird. I pictured her in my mind, petite and short, almost frail and delicate, with sky-blue hair and sapphire eyes. And her voice... Such a work of perfection. Only Rithi, Goddess of Art, could sing with more beauty.

I couldn't lose Xandra. She had roosted in my heart in such a short time. And now she was taken to be part of an efreet's harem. My stomach twisted in horror. She would not submit to him. She would stay true to her marriage vows. She would find no pleasure, only suffering.

I had to protect her.

I reached the others, Xera already kneeling and administering the potion to the pale Angela, the sand soaked black beneath the moon. The color returned to Angela's face. The grievous wounds on her body melded close. Her blue eyes opened, and she sat up.


Xera shook her head, then produced the third healing potion and handed it to Thrak cradling the unconscious Faoril in his arms. The orc took it, tore the cork out with his teeth, and pressed it to her lips. The mage spasmed in his arms and groaned.

?Where kayseri bayan escort is Sophia?? Angela asked, siting up and staring at the pile of white robes.

I wanted to speak, to say the truth, but fear glued my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I trembled as Xera said, ?Taken. Her and Xandra.?

?The desert tribes?? Angela asked, her face hardening.

Xera produced the brass lamp, a handle at one end, a spout at the other where the flame would burn. There was a lid for adding the oil. Angela frowned, taking the lamp from Xera, staring at it before looking at the elf.

?The Mirage Gardens? You're sure?

Xera nodded. ?A large patch of sand melted into glass by a great heat. An efreet's heat. The lamp was at the center. Their clothes lay discarded. They had made love out on the sands.?

?And spilled their juices,? groaned Angela. ?I didn't think we were close enough.?

?The Mirage Gardens are everywhere in the sands,? I said without even realizing it. ?Give me the lamp.?

Angela blinked. ?What??

?There is a jinn that has to be seduced into letting us into the Mirage Gardens.? I drew myself up, putting a confident smile on my lips. ?And no woman can resist me.?

?No, she has to be dominated not seduced,? Angela said, rising, her armor clinking. ?There is a difference.?

?Semantics. She must be convinced to let us in. One way is much the same as the other.?

Angela shook her head. ?Domination is more than seduction. It is bending her will to yours, making her serve your whims.?

?So is seduction.? Anger boiled through me. ?Hand over the lamp, Angela.?

?Seduction is getting her to do what she secretly wants.?

?And so is domination.? My hand clenched about Xandra's clothing. ?The submissive wants to be dominated. She wants to be taken in hand by a stronger person. It is the same thing.?

?But you cannot dominate a woman. If you go into the lamp, you won't seize her by the neck, you will be a chameleon. You will change into what she desires.?

?And she desires submission.?

?Does she?? Angela shook her head. ?If it were that easy, then people wouldn't fail at dominating her. You've heard Aswunt's stories. Three times he has seen the lamp and only once had the person who entered dominated the jinn inside. You would become something easy to win her over, to fuck her, but that's not enough. You cannot dominate women, Chaun. You only act with them. You only pretend, adapt. What is needed is reality. Strength.?

?So Thrak?? I demanded. The orc was originally supposed to do it while Angela would have been the offering. ?The orc knows no subtly.?

?He is plenty subtle,? Faoril objected.

?It's Angela,? Minx laughed. ?She'll do it. She knows how to dominate. She has Sophia wrapped about her fingers.?

?Sophia wants to be dominated,? I countered. ?If this jinn is resistant, can you actually do it??

?Yes.? Her eyes leveled on me. ?I will dominate the little bitch. She will be my slave, and I will make her open the way.? Her blue eyes were hard. ?All you'll do is fuck her and make her cum. That's not enough, Chaun.?

I stared at her eyes. Such certainty blazed in them. Confidence. No bravado. She gripped the lamp in her hand like she owned it. She did own it. I stood before a woman with the will of a queen. I understood Sophia's worship.

I understood why Lady Delilah wanted her to succeed. The sword was only the beginning. I was promised a court to play my music in, to be a part of. To once again be a bard, my exile from the rich and powerful over. No more taverns. No more ribald songs performed before inebriated farmers and miners.

I never asked which court. It would be Angela's court. When she claimed her ancestor's throne. The High King's heir stood before me.

And she would dominate the jinn.

I bowed my head. ?Dominate the slut. Get our women back.?

?I will,? she said and rubbed at the lamp, stroking the brass. Her body became ephemeral, billowing into smoke, and then she sucked down the spout of the lamp. It hung in the air for a moment, like Angela still held it, then dropped to the sand.

?She'll do it,? Minx said, still lounging on the sand. ?And then we get to plunder the Mirage Gardens. Imagine what we'll steal!?


Xandra ? The Mirage Garden

?You want to look beautiful for our Husband,? Yasmine said to me. The beautiful, ebony-skinned woman smiled as she held up the transparent, silk pantaloons, her skin bleeding through the fabric.

?That's so scandalous,? I giggled, my head swimming.

?Isn't it?? grinned Yasmine. ?But you want to be scandalous for our Husband.?

I nodded my head. Chaun would love to see me dressed in those, on display. I climbed out of my bath. One of the rose petals floating on the surface clung to my naked breast. I plucked it off and brought it to my lips, kissing it, savoring the flavor as water dripped off my body.

The bath vanished by the time I stepped out of it, melting into pink smoke along with the water beading my body. The rose petal vanished from my fingers. Mist wreathed my body as I knelt beside Yasmine and Zaina, a ruby-eyed jinn with a lush smile.

And a spicy pussy.

She held a delicate bottle filled with an amber liquid. She pressed her thumb over the top of the bottle and flipped it over for a moment. When she pulled her thumb away, it glistened with the liquid. A sweet smell filled my lips.

I gasped as she applied the perfume to the lips of my pussy, rubbing it up and down my shaved flesh. They had shaved away the stubble, telling me my Husband would want me smooth. Of course he would, Chaun loved my shaved twat.

?Yes, anoint me,? I moaned, my eyes fluttering as she rubbed the tingling perfume into my lips. Heat blossomed. An ache filled me. I needed my husband in me. ?I can't wait for him.?

?For our Husband??

?Yes,? I nodded as Zaina anointed my nipples with the same perfume, then dabbed it into my wrists and beneath my arms.

The scent wreathed me as Yasmine painted my face with strange makeups, purring how beautiful she made me. Zaina combed my sky-blue hair at the same time, taking time to work out any snarls. Then Yasmine held up a mirror.

I was transformed. Dark black lined my eyes and my lashes were so long now. Purple shadowed my eyes and rogue brightened my cheeks. I pursed my lips, admiring the bright-red painted upon them. I looked so womanly. So mature.

Chaun would love me.

I dressed in the the silk pantaloons. They were scandalous. My skin bled through wherever they touched the fabric, which was pulled tight against my pussy. My shaved slit on display, darkened by my excitement. A belt of gold cinched my waist, and a cut sapphire gem was pushed into my bellybutton, held in place by a dab of wax. I gasped as they clamped gold charms to my nipples, the pain intense, making my head swim as the world shifted around me.

Nothing ever stayed the same long here.

A net of silver draped my hair with small garnets that stood out like tears of fire across my blue hair. Rings and bracelets adorned my fingers and wrists. A tight, serpentine torc squeezed about my right arm. I was bedecked with jewels.

For Chaun.

?You are just so beautiful, Xandra,? Yasmine said. ?Riad will love you.?

I laughed. Didn't she know our husband's name was Chaun? My head leaned back as my laugh spilled from my lips. The world swirled around me. A dizzy wave passed through me and I blinked, struggling to remember why I laughed.

?Come, it is time to see our Husband,? Zaina purred.

?He's waiting for the both of you,? Yasmine added.

?Wonderful,? Sophia said.

I blinked and saw my friend bedecked in the same finery as me, though her jewels were different. Her face was gorgeous, transformed by the makeup, her nipples also pinched by gold charms, her pussy shaved and bleeding through her pink pantaloons.

?Xandra,? Sophia said, moving closer. ?I wanted to apologize.?

?For what??

She giggled. ?I cant remember.?

I shrugged then asked, ?Shall we??

She reached out and took my hand. ?Yes. Isn't this a lovely dream??

I nodded my head as we walked through a hall which rippled into a steamy garden. Green bushes adorned with bright flowers spread out before us. The babble of a fountain feeding a small broke dotted with lily pads. A grape arbor over our head, shielding us from the sun, the fat grapes budding, begging to be taken. The world rippled again and we walked through golden halls. Then a marbled palace. The desert sands. A beautiful oasis. Walls of silk, of muslin, of fine mosaics, and beautiful tapestries.

I giggled with excitement as I we came closer and closer to Chaun.


Knight-Errant Angela ? The Lamp

For an eternity, I was bodiless, fluid, flowing. I should be afraid, but I wasn't. There was no emotion. Only the movement of vapors, my existence ephemeral, fragile. A single breeze would scatter me into nonexistence.

And then I coalesced, reborn into a bedroom, standing on a intricate carpet of red and gold. The walls were covered in mosaics of beautiful women lounging in a garden. Tasseled pillows lay scattered across the floor for lounging upon. A bed stood at the center of the room, covered in a canopy of pink silk. A shadowy figure moved in them.

I took a step forward and realized I was naked. I glanced down at my large breasts thrusting before me. The figure on the bed moved. Sheets rustled and she rose like a sleeper newly wakened, stretching to meet the morning. The curtains parted. A woman's face appeared, dusky, beautiful. Her eyes were bright citrines, her hair dark, flowing waves falling about her face, hiding the swell of her breasts.

?Good morning,? she purred. ?I am Saniyya. Welcome to my home. Would you care for a repast??

I blinked as mist formed then faded, leaving a small table with a bowl of candied dates and glass decanter of wine accompanied by two crystal glasses. The woman let out a purr as she crawled off her bed and stretched, her body lush, her nipples peeking out of her dark hair, her shaved pussy gleaming. She walked with an undulating grace to the table.


?I am not here for wine,? I growled, marching towards her.

?You're not?? She gave me a beautiful smile. She poured the ruby drink into a crystal goblet and held it to me. ?Are you sure? It is delicious.?

?Sure,? I said, crossing my arms, glaring at her.

?Is this the courtesy of your lands, Angela?? she asked, hurt in her citrine eyes. ?To refuse a host's offer of refreshment??

I frowned at her. She held the goblet, eyes liquid. I sighed and took the wine glass from her. I sipped it. The wine burst with fruity flavor on my lips, hints of more than just grapes in there. I let out a purring moan.

?Yes, I added blackberry currant to it,? Saniyya smiled. ?I do hope you like it.?

?It is good,? I admitted. Then I took another sip.

She reached own and held up the silver bowl of candied dates. They each glistened, covered in a glaze. She proffered the bowl to me. ?And please, take one. They are my own recipe. An improvement over the locals.? She leaned in, her voice lowering, becoming conspiratorial. ?They don't have access to honey in the desert. But it makes them melt in your mouth.?

I almost told her no, but I didn't want to again see hurt in her eyes. So I reached out and grasped a candied date. It was sticky. I popped into my fingers and let out a sigh of delight. It melted in my mouth. I groaned, shuddering, my hips shaking from side-to-side.

?Delicious,? she purred and popped one between her lips. They were ruby around the brown date. She held it there, lips puckered as I swallowed. Then she leaned in and kissed me. She pressed the date into my mouth with her tongue, the sweet flavor making her lips sticky against mine.

I shuddered, her naked body brushing mine, our nipples meeting. The caress sent a wild shudder through me. Her tongue retreated, leaving the date in my mouth as she broke the kiss. I chewed, savoring the delicacy.

?See, just delicious,? she purred, plucking another from the bowl. ?I absolutely love them. Especially anointed in a different sauce.?

?Oh?? I asked, struggling to find my balance. This was not going the way it should. I had to take?

I moaned as she shoved the date into my pussy. Her fingers pressed it into my juicy hole. Her smile grew naughty. I gasped, clenching down on her fingers and date, anointing it with my cream. Then she pulled it out, the date covered in my sauce, and popped it in her mouth.

Her moan was orgasmic. A shudder ran through her body. She chewed slowly, savoring it. I licked my lips, wanting to experience that same delight. I snagged a date from the bowl as she swallowed and moved my hand lower. Her thighs parted.

?You will love it,? she purred as I pressed the date into her pussy. She groaned, hips shaking. ?Eat my date covered in my juices.?

?Yes,? I groaned, plucking it out of her warm hole, my fingers and the treat covered in her sauce. I brought it to my lips, popped it in. The tart pussy juices melted on my tongue, meeting the sweet honey and delicious date. I chewed it, moaning as she took three dates from the bowl.

And pushed them inside her pussy. ?More??

?Yes,? I purred.

?Then enjoy,? she smiled.

A hunger shuddered through me. A few more dates before I made this woman submit. I would have her on her knees, begging to be my slut, to eat dates out of my cunt. Oh, that would be wicked. I knelt before her, my hands sliding down her body as I pictured her submission.

Her pussy lips were clenched tight, holding the dates inside of her. Juices adorned the her plump, flushed vulva. She glistened. I breathed in her heady musk then leaned in and took a long, slow lick across her slit, gathering her tart juices.

?Oh, yes,? she moaned, ?devour my dates. Enjoy all the treats I have to offer.?

I licked again, my tongue parting through her folds, grazing a date buried in her depths before flicking up and across her clit. She shuddered, another moan escaping her delicious lips. I stirred such pleasure in her. And that excited me. My pussy clenched as my tongue probed in deeper.

I found the first date. I wrapped my tongue about it and drew it out into my mouth. My teeth bit into it, savoring the treat. All the wonderful flavors burst inside of me. I moaned in delight, nuzzling my nose against her clit.

?Oh, you are just delightful,? she purred. ?Such a wonderful thing. Enjoy my delicacies. There are two more for you to find.?

?Yes,? I purred, my fingers sliding up her thighs, her skin smooth silk beneath.

I reached her pussy and parted her folds. Pink glistened. I nuzzled my lips into her as she shuddered. My tongue slid deeper, brushing another date. I groaned, catching it with my tongue and reeling it in. I savored my treat as my fingers stroked her pussy lips. She gasped and shuddered, grinding harder. Her voice sweet music.

I quested my tongue in for the third. Her sticky juices coated my lips and cheeks. It dribbled down my chin as I reached and strained. I brushed the date. It was in deeper, teasing me, begging to be seized and devoured.

I moaned, nuzzling, brushing her clit with my finger as I struggled to reached the third date. I sealed my mouth over her pussy, sucking hard. She gasped and bucked against me. Her fingers seized my red hair.

?Yes, yes, yes,? she moaned. ?Oh, that's how you enjoy my delicacies. Ooh, you are a wicked slut. You are so hungry for what I offer. Mmm, yes. That's it. Devour me. Enjoy every ounce of the pleasure I offer.?

I would. I wanted it so badly. I sucked harder. Her pussy juices filled my mouth. My left arm reached up her body and squeezed her breast as I struggled to get the final date. I had to have it. She shuddered on my face. My finger rubbed harder at her clit.

She shivered. I swept my tongue through her pussy, brushing the date again, driving it deeper into her pussy on accident. I groaned and sucked again. She gasped, humping her hips. Her breast jiggled in my hand.

?Oh, yes, Angela. Worship my pussy. Oh, what a slut you are. So eager for all my treats. Yes, yes, yes. You're going to make me explode. Oh, yes. Keep worshiping me.?

I redoubled my efforts. I sucked so hard. I gulped down her pussy juices. Her cunt contracted as she shuddered. Her voice sang through the lamp, echoing off the mosaics. Her juices coated my face, making a sticky mess. I could taste the honey of the date in her tart juices. I just had to try a little harder and I would get it.

She bucked. Gasped. Her hands tightened in my hair.

Juices flooded out of her pussy as she orgasmed. I made her cum. A pleased delight fluttered through me. Her contracting pussy walls and gushing cream forced the date out of her depths and into my hungry mouth. I groaned in triumph.

I made her cum and got the date.

She staggered back, heaving, still holding the silver bowl. ?Oh, you wicked woman. You were so hungry for my treat.?

I chewed on the date, savoring the flavor bursting in my mouth. ?Yes,? I moaned between chews. It was sticky, clinging to my teeth. I worked on it as she backed up to the bed. The flavor burst in my mouth. I wanted more.

She stretched out on the bed, the bowl beside her. ?If you want more, Angela, come and feast.? She picked up a date and planted it right on her nipple. It stuck to the nub. She sucked her fingers clean, moaning in invitation.

I scrambled to my feet, moving to the bed. I crawled onto its softness, the silk rustling beneath my hands and knees. I leaned over, my breasts dragging across her stomach, and sucked the sweet date off her nipple. She moaned, bucking.

?Yes, yes, yes, you're just a hungry slut,? she moaned.

She grabbed a date and shoved it into my pussy as I suckled on her breast. Then another and another. She stuffed my cunt full of delicious treats. Then she smeared one through her pussy lips, coating it before dragging it up her body. I watched it as I nursed at her nipple. She brought it to her lips, placing it there, her eyes asking, ?Well??

I released her nipple and kissed her, my body lying atop hers. Our tongues met. We swapped the honey-sweet date between our sticky lips. I groaned, undulating, my pussy clenching on the dates marinating in my depths. Her sticky fingers traced down my back to my ass.

She gripped me and rolled me onto my back. She undulated as I chewed on the date. Her citrine eyes stared down at me. She reached out, grasping another date and popping it between her lips. She smiled around it, holding it above me. Teasing me.

?Kiss me,? I moaned, licking my lips, my hips undulating.

She shook her head and arched her eyebrows.

I groaned and lifted my head, tongue reaching for the date. But she pulled back, a teasing laugh escaping her lips. I groaned, squirming beneath her. Our breasts pressed together, her nipples so hard as they rubbed against me.

I tried again, straining to rise. Her hands had seized mine, pinning them to the be beside me, making it hard to life my shoulders. Her body writhed and undulated, grinding her clit against mine, sparking delight through me.

I moaned in frustration, wanting the next date. My tongue reached, flicking before me, my neck burning with the strain. I groaned, my head falling back towards the pillow. She smiled, leaning her head down.

I lifted my head to kiss her.

She backed off.

?Please,? I moaned. ?I want it. It's so delicious. Stop teasing me.?

Her hands slid over mine, grasping them. As she lowered her head, she lifted my hands above my body. I groaned as our lips met. She pressed the sweet date into my mouth. Our tongues met, caressed, as I submitted to her desires.

I submitted to her desires...

Her hands lifted mine higher as our lips worked together. I struggled to think. My pussy burned. The dates were so sticky inside my pussy. They felt so wonderful in there. My flesh constricted about them, moving them around inside of me, loving how they felt while I savored the honey taste of the date in my mouth.

My hands brushed the headboard. I would do this with Sophia. Lift her hands and bind them so I could play with her submissive body. I loved how she was so helpless before me. At my whim. Begging for her pleasure and...


I begged for the date.

She told me to come to the bed.

I obeyed.

She told me to eat dates from her pussy.

I obeyed.

I stiffened. I pulled at her hands, resisting them. She broke the kiss, eyes filling with puzzlement. ?What's wrong? Do you want another date??

?No,? I growled. I had to dominate her. I couldn't let her dominate me. If I did, she wouldn't open the way to the Mirage Garden and Sophia would forever Riad's concubine.

?Mmm, you want me to eat the dates out of your cunt,? she laughed. ?I will. When I am ready. Just relax. You will enjoy this.?

I lifted my head, looking above me. Manacles that weren't there before hung from the bed posts, my wrists inches from them. Fear clutched through me. If I failed to dominate her, I would be her slut. Her slave. I glanced at the fresco on the wall.

I hadn't noticed them before.

Men and women lay bound by golden manacles, some to the very bed I sat on, others to the walls, to the floor. They all yearned to worship. I could see it in there faces. Their eyes were so lifelike. So real.

They were real.

They were all the men and women who had entered this lamp and failed to dominate the jinn. All the men and women she seduced with her gifts and delicacies. With her serving manner and coy smiles. Her hands pulled at mine as she kissed me again, thrusting a new date into my mouth.

I bit into it, the flavor heady. There was more than honey on the dates. A liqueur, the flavor masked. A strong one. My blood burned. My head swam. I had to fight her. I couldn't let her dominate me. I had to save Sophia.

But her kiss was so sweet and sticky. Her body so warm and lithe atop mine. Our clits brushed again. My pussy clenched, the pleasure increasing. She promised so much pleasure. So much delight that I yearned for.

Surrender promised such sweet delights.

A voice echoed through my mind, a memory of wonderful delight... My Queen...

I kissed Saniyya harder, our tongues passing the date back and forth.

To be continued...
19 Mart 2021, at 12:17


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