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The Possibility of Being Caught

Post #1

The Possibility of Being CaughtHaving sex in a place or situation that holds the possibility of being caught has always sharpened the thrill of the moment for me. I'm not talking about public exhibitionism; although I can understand the excitement of people with that particular fetish. I've experienced the heightened arousal fueled by knowing I could be caught at any moment, for as long as I can remember. Probably my first such memories revolve around when I used to slink into my Mom's bedroom and get her stockings and panties from her laundry hamper and masturbate with them. I can recall with crystal clarity the powerful sense of excitement and danger in the act. I knew Mom could walk in on me doing the dirty deed with her lingerie, but not only did I not care, I would jerk off furiously fantasizing that she would catch me in the act and finish jerking me off herself. Those were the best orgasms. I carried that cavalier sense of adventure into my relationship with my first serious girlfriend, Robin. bingöl escort She was a big-leg girl, and once she let me get my hands in the cookie jar, I had my fingers in her pussy every chance I got. And Robin made sure I got plenty of chances. I recall a couple times where I took huge risks of getting caught pink-handed, but the thrill of the moment always seemed to outweigh the risks. We were in high school, on a bus heading towards a marching band competition. Robin and I were fooling around on the bench seat, and since we were sharing a blanket to 'keep warm' no one was the wiser. No one, that is, until Robin's Mom, who was chaperone on the bus, called out from her seat in the front of the bus and asked why she couldn't see us. Of course I had my fingers thoroughly buried in Robin's juicy pussy, but Robin retained the presence of mind to answer that she was 'laying down trying to get some rest before the competition.' Another time I risked being caught and killed by Robin's bitlis escort Mom was when I was at her family's house one Thanksgiving. Robin was wearing dress pants that had a snap on the back, and when I was sitting with her on the sofa, I put my hand 'round her' unsnapped her pants, and slid my hand down the crack of her ass and into her juicy pussy . All this while chatting with her family in their living room. Talk about being young, dumb, and full of cum!Well, becoming an adult didn't temper that delicious thrill that accompanies having sex in a place or manner that includes the chance of being caught. I recall being stuck in one of Germany's infamous traffic jams on the Autobahn. These jams could last for hours and contain thousands of vehicles. People would literally get out of their cars and sit down for a picnic or play frisbee to pass the time. Well, my girlfriend had other ideas. She gave me a mischievous grin, leaned across the seats of my pickup truck, unzipped çanakkale escort my jeans and proceeded to give me a completely unsolicited blow job right dead in the middle of the traffic jam. It was night, but still - all someone had to do was look over at us and they would have gotten an eyeful. I remember having an especially delicious orgasm.Since I'm on the subject of traffic; I can recall another occasion when I was driving on the Autobahn and this same girlfriend decided to pass the time by reaching across, unzipping my jeans, and starting to jerk me off while I was zipping down the road at 160Kph. I'm here to testify, it takes a lot of concentration to keep a vehicle in between the lane markers when you're in the midst of blowing your nuts in your girlfriend's hands! I'm sure any passing truckers got an show.These are just a few times I can recall having sex in a situation that lent itself well to the possibility of getting caught. I don't have an explanation as to why that heightened the experience. All I know is this: knowing I (we) could have been caught or observed at any moment gave a special bonus to the already glorious sensation of orgasm.What are YOUR experiences at pushing the boundaries of common sense and taking the risk of being caught having sex?
10 Ekim 2021, at 00:21


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